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What happens if the weather is bad on the day of the pre wedding shoot?

If the weather is bad, we will schedule your pre wedding shoot to the next available date that is suitable for both of us.

Can we bring props for pre wedding shoot?

Props are great tools to bring during your pre wedding shoot. If there is an item(s) that means something to you guys, bring that too. i.e. a book you like to read together or a gift that both of you gave each other. These props should accessorize you and it will tell a story of you guys.

How do i make sure I get the my pre-wedding pictures to my expectations?

Great! We love expectations.
To get the most out of the photograph, we must make sure that the elements required to make the pre wedding picture are set and in the right ambiance. There are instances where a client demands picture of a desert looking ambiance in an open field or at a city center. Keeping this in mind, we must be realistic about the picture we would love to have. If you have a lovely beach, a sunset and a silhouette picture in your mind: Give me a beach and at the proper time interval, i shall get you the picture if not a better picture that you have in mind.

Why should we choose you for our pre-wedding photoshoot?

We have been in the industry for long and are known for delivering quality products at affordable prices. A pre-wedding photo shoot is not just a trend, it’s your celebration as a couple before you enter into a new stage of your relationship. You shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity because of budget constraints. We just don’t offer our services but, we get involved with you in the process and come up with themes that suit you as a couple. Capturing emotions through the lens is what we are passionate about. Any prewedding photoshoot is not just a project for us but rather our chances to capture emotions for creating a masterpiece photograph, a thing we love to do the most.

Above all, we are always looking to improve our skills and creatively capture moments which becomes an inspiration to other photographers.

Do you do themed pre-wedding photoshoot?

Yes, we do theme pre-wedding photoshoots. We can also help you come up with innovative themes that will look good on camera and help you set up some serious Instagram goals.

Can you do a traditional pre-wedding photoshoot?

We Indians are nothing if not traditional. The traditional theme lets you delve into your cultural roots. Having done several wedding and pre-wedding photoshoot we know just how to display those cultural elements in your photos. If you wish to do a traditional pre-wedding photoshoot we can help you choose the location that shows the antique vibes of your culture.

How about the entrance fee for the pre wedding locations ?

No, Location permission fee is not included in all pre-wedding packages

What type of equipment do you use for pre wedding photography and videos?

The camera is only an instrument to help them take pictures or film. However, we use Canon 5 D Mark-IV as our main camera. We also use a variety of Canon L Series Lenses, mostly prime lenses.

Also we have other Cameras which are also used such as 5D Mark – III and 6D Mark – II. We also use Drones for Video and other supporting gear like Gimbles, etc,.

We use portable lighting setup of Godox, Elinchrom equipped with the latest technology.

What is your cancellation policy For Pre-Wedding Shoots?

After the booking is confirmed, we block our dates for your work contract, cancelling it would affect our business. We would be charging 50% of the total amount as our cancellation charges.

I find the rates of Candid photographers to be expensive. Do you offer discounts Pre Wedding Shoots?

Nothing beautiful comes easy. If it were easy, everyone would do it. Good quality Candid/photojournalistic photography is hard. The immense amount of hardwork happening behind the scenes, is usually hidden. The number of balls in the air that we juggle to pull out what we do is scary! Trust us on this. The price is fair.

I think our prices are reasonable enough considering how much effort I put into each assignment.  Also I always try to give you best when I can , and try to over deliver , So please no negotiations 🙂

Is the quality/amount of the output negotiable for you ? If yes then surely we can help you. In case you wish to modify any of our packages / change the amount / duration of any service / change the quantity of the output then packages are always negotiable.

Do note that in certain cases we may suggest you alternate quality / duration of output to go with the pricing.

I try my best to give you extra value for your price , when you ask for quote I will try my best to give you the best prices I can offer , after I let you know of the Final Price , there should be no negotiations or bargaining , I have a strict No-Bargain Policy , I just don’t accept / forward the assignments of people who try to bargain , I keep updating my prices from time to time and try to keep it reasonable as I believe that there is no discount for hard work and so our prices should be respected.

What is the procedure for choosing photographs? Can I select the photos?

After the shoot is done , I will do primary sorting of photos almost each day and by the end of the assignment I will give you my selection of photos , My selections will be 80% of the photos and the rest of the photos will be selected by you (These includes photos of important persons whose we might have missed during initial selection).

What is post wedding shoot and how much does it cost?

Just like prewedding shoot, post wedding shoot happens post marriage. Post marriage photoshoot charges or packages are similar to the pre-wedding shoot packages.

Do you undertake Pre-wedding shoots outside Bangalore?

Yes, we work all over India and the prices remain same irrespective of the shoot location. However for outstation shoots, we take booking minimum two sessions. There will also be additional cost for travel, food and stay. Please call up for a discussion in case you are looking for a shoot outside Bangalore.

Can I customise my pre wedding shoot?

Most definitely you can. We love working with couples who would like to involve into the pre wedding shoot. This brings out the photographs and the video of the prewedding shoot amazingly well.

Do you guys do Prewedding shoot at Elements Resort?

Yes. We do have special association with Elements resorts Kanakapura. We have done good number of Prewedding photo-shoots there.

Where can I get costumes for pre wedding photoshoot?

You can buy prewedding shoot costumes at commercial streets Bangalore for a cheaper prices. There are some shops which rent out prewedding costumes.

Can I get details on your wedding photography and pre wedding photography packages?

You can read all the details of our Popular Wedding Photography Packages here and Pre Wedding Photography Packages here, if you find it hard to choose from the packages then you can do a quick compare here , or you can always ask for a customized package quote according to your requirement

What are the locations for Prewedding Photography in Bangalore?

There are several locations in and around Bangalore for couple shoots. Natural places like Nandi Hills, Bhoganandeeshwara Temple, Kolar Road, Mysore road, Kanakapura Road Etc. If you can spend a little money you can opt for some of the Best Resorts in Bangalore for Photoshoots.

Do you undertake post wedding photoshoots as well?

Yes, as many couples miss out on the pre wedding photography, there is now a huge demand for post wedding photography. We would love to accommodate couples for the same.

Do you edit some of our pictures from pre wedding shoot?

Yes, we edit some of the photos. We use some of best the photo editing software for image processing job. Our editing job includes colour correction, basic image enhancements. We also convert many photographs in different tones like Black and White, Vintage or film style. Also we prefer not to change or replace the background.

How many dress changes are allowed for pre-wedding Photoshoots?

Minimum of two are recommended. If you are quick enough we could always try with more number of costumes.

How soon should I book your Pre-wedding Shoot?

The maximum period of advance booking I got till now is about 1Year , but that’s the highest , you should atleast book me around 3 months prior to the event to be on the safe side.

How long does the pre-wedding photo shoot takes?

The pre-wedding photo shoot service normally can be taken from one to three days

If you choose one days service, as appointment, we will take you to the shooting scene for the makeup and hair styling, and the dress fitting. the pre-wedding photo shooting, normally takes four to five hours to complete the service.

For more than one day of service, we prefer the entire shoot to be location based.

What is a pre wedding shoot and why it important?

Prewedding shoot is a photoshoot which happens before marriage. It is also known as premarriage photoshoots. Couples normally get their pre wedding shoots for various reasons. Prewedding shoots creates comfort to pose during the wedding and also prewedding photos can be used for wedding invites. Most importantly unlike weddings prewedding shoots will have ample of time for the shoot.

I am not good at posing. So will that work for pre-wedding Shoots?

My style of photography is mixed, so Candids, Posed and Creative Composition are what I like to provide in a Wedding Package. So I try to mix the experience and style up to give you the best story in my style. Dont worry, your poses will not be complex science and will rather be fun.

We want you to hire for our wedding. How do we book you and what are the payment terms?

We work on customized deliverables based on your requirements and will send you the photography contract. Once you have approved the contract, you should process the payment based on the following schedule:-

A. INR 10000 nonrefundable deposit to block the dates
B. 50% of agreed amount at least 2 weeks before.
C. The remaining amount just after the shoot.

After you have determined on which package you want to opt for, please contacts us on +91-8884021000 or you can e-mail us at info@kaalia.com

You can also visit our office by prior appointment. All the contact information is given in details on the contacts page. Our office location is pointed on Google map.

I want a certain image / pinterest inspiration which i would love to have. Can you do the same for my Pre-Wedding shoot?

Of Course we can , either you have to explain me the situation or the framing you want , or you can show me the photos to help me understand what kind of photo you wish for and leave the rest on me.

What if I feel that the Pre-wedding Shoot done was not as per my expectations built up after I saw images on the Facebook page/website.

Photography consists of a few elements that need to come together in perfect unison to create stunning images, elements beyond the camera and the skill of the photographer. You can read of them in the link posted in the previous answer. If these elements do not come together, as well, it affects the image quality.
You cannot control all of these elements, but work with us on the above mentioned points, and your pictures will be awesome. Rest assured, we will do everything within our physical and mental abilities to take the most extraordinary pictures on your wedding day.

Who does the copyright of all the images taken on the wedding day belong to?

By general law, copyright of an image belongs to the person who takes it using his/her camera. In the case of wedding pictures that are paid for, there is shared copyright ownership of the photographs between the person clicking it & the person paying for the photographs. That being said, we never use wedding pictures that we take for any other purpose other than showcasing our work on our website & social media. And there too, we use it with copyright watermarks.

What are the modes of payment you accept for wedding and pre wedding packages?

We offer various payment options:

NEFT/IMPS Bank Transfer
Paytm/Google Pay/Phonepe
Online Credit card Payment


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